Magical Realism…What is it, really?

Today I wanted to share my first discussion post, hooray! This is something I would like to do more often as a way to diversify my content and interact with other bloggers with more in-depth discussions about various bookish topics. In this post I want to discuss a genre of books that I have been noticing more in the bookish community. It certainly seems to be getting more attention, although that may just be my perception and interest that causes me to see it more. I want to discuss the genre of magical realism. What is magical realism? Is it its own genre? A subset of fiction or fantasy? And most importantly, what makes it different than science fiction or fantasy books? I did some research to see if I could clarify some of these questions, but I wanted to write this blog post as a discussion to see if any of you had an opinion or clarification on the matter!

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