About and Review Policy

Hello! My name is Alex and this is my blog all about books!  Why did I decide to start a blog? Most importantly, I love reading. But really, I seriously LOVE reading. When I have enough free time I will read and read and read, usually forgetting to eat and sleep. I realized I was going through such a large volume of books but I did not have anyone to discuss them with. I also wanted to way to keep track of all the books I was reading- it is really disappointing to look back on a book and not remember much about it other than “Oh, that was a good book.”
So I started looking at other book blogs and quickly realized that this is a HUGE community. Not only was I getting some great recommendations by reading other blogs, but I became more and more excited to start my own.
What do I like to read? Pretty much everything. However I am partial to young adult literature (particularly fantasy, but I enjoy other genres too!). I find YA books very..fresh and original. And of course, I owe my love for reading all to Harry Potter- I picked up that book in fourth grade and grew up with Harry+friends. That was the first time I really ‘escaped’ in a book-a feeling I try to replicate every time I pick up a new book 🙂




Review Policy for authors and publishers:

I would love to read and review your book! I primarily read in the YA genre. While I mostly read fantasy, I also read a fair amount of sci-fi and contemporary books. Currently I am only reviewing YA books and will not accept other review requests.  If I sound like a good fit for your book, please reach out to me via my contact page. Thank you for stopping by!

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