Review: Morning Star (Red Rising#3) by Pierce Brown

18966806#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Red Rising thrilled readers and announced the presence of a talented new author. Golden Son changed the game and took the story of Darrow to the next level. Now comes the exhilarating conclusion to the Red Rising Trilogy: Morning Star.

Darrow would have lived in peace, but his enemies brought him war. The Gold overlords demanded his obedience, hanged his wife, and enslaved his people. But Darrow is determined to fight back. Risking everything to transform himself and breach Gold society, Darrow has battled to survive the cutthroat rivalries that breed Society’s mightiest warriors, climbed the ranks, and waited patiently to unleash the revolution that will tear the hierarchy apart from within.

Finally, the time has come.

But devotion to honor and hunger for vengeance run deep on both sides. Darrow and his comrades-in-arms face powerful enemies without scruple or mercy. Among them are some Darrow once considered friends. To win, Darrow will need to inspire those shackled in darkness to break their chains, unmake the world their cruel masters have built, and claim a destiny too long denied—and too glorious to surrender.


*There will be spoilers from both Red Rising and Golden Son*


Morning Star is the third and final book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising science fiction trilogy. After the explosive ending of Golden Son and revelation of Roque’s betrayal, I immediately dived into Morning Star, eager to see what the fate was of Darrow and friends. The story picks up right away and quite literally doesn’t stop until the last page. There are no slow moments in this story. I was in awe after finishing this book. It is such a fantastic end to this trilogy and easily the best book in the series. I expected the same bloody fight scenes and the war that has been brewing in the previous two stories, but I did not expect the incredible character development we see from each and every character. Of course I cared about Darrow, I’ve been with him through this entire trilogy. What I didn’t expect is for Pierce Brown to make me hate, and then love characters again. He made them all so very real and it made me even more invested in this story.

Morning Star begins months after the aftermath of the final scene in Golden Son. Darrow is imprisoned by Adruis, and after being tortured and starved, he is a shadow of his former self. If you thought Darrow questioned his mission before, it isn’t until now that we truly see defeat. And honestly, these chapters were difficult to read because we haven’t seen Darrow this broken. It was devastating. Darrow eventually escapes and although it is not a short road to recovery, his ragtag crew of various colors are there to support him.

In Morning Star, we get to see more of Darrow’s world than any of the previous two books. The world-building continues to be brilliant as Darrow and crew is forced to look for allies in unexpected places to go up against both the Jackal and the Sovereign. The Howlers also play a large part in this story- Sevro is as loyal as ever but him and Darrow definitely have their own issues to work out in their friendship as Darrow resumes his role as leader. I adored each of these characters- the book was very dark and bloody, and yet I couldn’t help but love the friendship between Sevro, Ragnar, Darrow, Victra and even Mustang. 

Finally, the last 30% of the book was honestly one of the best endings I have ever read in a series. I’m usually pretty good at guessing where a book is headed, but I can honestly say I was not expecting things to go the way they did. You will be absolutely amazed at how well Brown tied everything together. Each piece of the story was so well thought out and through all the death and loss you experience through these three books, we are still able to get to a satisfying ending. This is not necessarily a happy book- it is filled with death, betrayal and war. This book made me feel a range of emotions. I was crying and laughing and so sad to say goodbye to my crew when I finished this book. If you have any hesitations about this series, please continue to read it. I only have the highest praise for this book and this series has made its way on to my favorites list. I can’t wait to see what you think of it!




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