Hype or Like Friday: September 16th

Hype or Like Friday is a meme co-created by Jill @ Rantandraveaboutbooks, Britt @ Geronimo Reads and Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads. Join their Goodreads group here to participate! Each month they choose a hyped up book to read and discuss on the last Friday of the month. The first three Fridays are dedicated to related discussion questions. This month we are reading Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.


Today’s topic is: Books That Made Me Want To Read- Think about what books you read while you were in school that made you want to read. Maybe you were an English Lit major in college because you fell in love with Shakespeare or Jane Austen.

I am really excited for this topic! I’m going to break up my posts into two lists: books that I read in school and books of my choice that influenced my reading experience in middle school and high school.

In terms of books that I loved growing up, there’s a lot. I practically cleaned out my library in school. However, there’s a few that come to mind that I have very fond memories of and I would love to re-read again.


The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling: I know, I know. Everyone includes Harry Potter in their posts, but how can I leave it out? This series had such a huge influence on my childhood and still has an influence in my adult life. This series is absolutely why I started to love reading. I read the first four right away and then went to every midnight book party for the next release. I savored every minute with these books, even teaching myself some reading self-control (it was really hard to put these books down).


Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan: If you haven’t read Percy Jackson, you really should at some point. Yes, its technically a middle-grade series but it is fantastic. I loved the influence of Greek mythology and Riordan is one hell of a storyteller. When I think of my favorite series growing up, this is one of the first that comes to mind.


The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher PaoliniEragon was my first BIG book that I read (other than Harry Potter). At about 600 pages, it definitely intimidated me as a 7th grader. However, this series is one of the reasons I love fantasy so much. It introduced me to the world of magic, dragons and Fae. I loved it. All I wanted was to be a dragon rider and have a dragon like Saphira.


The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins: What?! Suzanne Collins has another series? Yes, she does and its amazing. I read this series long before The Hunger Games and I absolutely loved it. I think this is a very underrated series and I don’t understand why it doesn’t get more attention. This series has some great characters including Gregor, Luxa and Ares the bat (Loved him ♥). Again, a middle-grade series but one I have extremely fond memories of.


As for what I read in school, there are a few books that have really stayed with me over the years. I know there’s more, but here a few that come to mind that are some of my favorite classics. I was actually a science major in college, but thinking back to my classes made me realize that I had to take some English classes as well to keep me happy 🙂


The Odyssey by Homer: I took a Greek mythology class in college and we read all kind of plays and stories but I loved The Odyssey because it was just so epic. It was not necessarily easy to get through and I am grateful for the guided discussions in school, but I am so happy to have read it.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: I read Frankenstein first in high school and then again in college in a comparative literature class titled “Monsters in Literature.” This class was awesome. We read Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, Gilgamesh, and even some graphic novels. For those of you that have read Frankenstein, you know its not all about the  grotesque green, sewed up monster running around. In fact, Frankenstein  is a beautifully written, dark book that touches on important themes such as knowledge, monstrosity and life itself.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte: I love love love this book. It is so beautiful and passionate, yet extremely dark and twisted at the same time. The book is so multi-layered with a few different, sometimes unreliable narrators. And you have to love Heathcliff and Catherine.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”

Chapter 9, Wuthering Heights

Hamlet by Shakespeare: I’m a huge Shakespeare fan. I took a Shakespeare class in college and all we did was read plays and talk about them. It was great. I’ve read a good amount of his plays but Hamlet is still my favorite. Its a classic and everyone should read it at least once.


That’s it for me! I’m sure there are plenty of other books that made me love reading but these are some of my favorites. Have you read any of these? What books made you love reading? 



11 thoughts on “Hype or Like Friday: September 16th”

  1. I read Frankenstein and Homer’s Odyssey back in school and really loved them. I put Harry Potter on my list of course. I also really didn’t know Suzanne Collins wrote another series before The Hunger Games. I will try to give it a read. I also read the first book of the Inheritance Cycle but never went back, but I will some time. Great list! 🙂

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  2. I think if I was taking part in this week’s theme I wouldn’t have been able to come up with even one book I read in school that made me want to read.
    Then again if I’d read books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and Eragon that would be a different story. I can’t remember if we had much group reading in primary school and in secondary we focused solely on classics which I never really enjoyed.
    Still great picks for this week, and I’m looking forwards to seeing your review for Carry On as well! 😀

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  3. I’m so happy to see Homer on your list. I loved both The Iliad and The Odyssey. Isn’t Odysseus such a great character? I just love his story. The Iliad will always be my favorite book. It’s so brilliant! I’m not surprised to see Harry Potter on here. I didn’t get into MG and YA books until I was in college, and I think I was in high school when the first HP book came out. I think. I’ll have to check my years. 😂

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    1. Yes, I actually loved both the Illiad and the Oydessy! I think I spent more time reading and discussing the Odyssey so I connected with it more. And I (obviously) love MG/YA books. They’re just generally more creative. Percy Jackson and The Underland Chronicles are hands down the best MG books I’ve read

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      1. I just took Bookstagram pics of my favorite Greek stories yesterday. I still need to edit them, but I saw your post and was like oh this great. Hardly anyone ever says they like Homer because they’re usually intimidated by how long it is and that it’s a poem. So glad you’re also a fan. 🤗 I’ve been meaning to read both Percy and Underland, especially since I love The Hunger Games and Greek mythology. 🙂

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