Hype or Like Friday#2

Hype or Like Friday is a meme co-created by Jill @ Rantandraveaboutbooks, Britt @ Geronimo Reads and Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads. Join their Goodreads group here to participate! Each month they choose a hyped up book to read and discuss on the last Friday of the month. The first three Fridays are dedicated to related discussion questions. This month we are reading…..


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child





Here is today’s discussion topic:

Imagine it’s the apocalypse, whatever magic is left in the Wizarding World is slowly diminishing, and you need to assemble a team to help you survive. Which 5 characters would you choose for your team, what roles would they play (i.e. Team Leader, Most Cunning, Most Skilled, etc.), and how would they help you survive? You can do whatever you want with this topic. Get creative and have fun with it.


I am lucky to have so many wonderful characters to choose from! Here is my team:

1. Hermione Granger

How could you not choose Hermione? While she is an extremely skilled witch, she is also muggle-born and would fare fine in a world without magic. She is intelligent and strategical, and I would absolutely trust Hermione to help me survive.



2. Ginny Weasley

Since Ginny grew up with a house full of brothers, we know she’s tough. Ginny is also one of my favorite characters in the books. She is extremely loyal to her friends and family and you can definitely count on her in a crisis. She is also athletic- she made a great chaser and stepped in to be a great seeker when her team needed her!



3. Molly Weasley

You definitely need Molly to take care of the team! Everyone still needs to be fed and clothed and I know we could count on Molly to be the team mother. She is also fierce  and would do anything to protect her family. One of my favortie scenes from all of the books is in the Deathly Hallows when Molly takes down Bellatrix to save Ginny.

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2, Julie Walters, 2011. ©2011 Warner Bros. Ent. Harry Pot


4. Sirius Black

While he is not actually a criminal, Sirius was wrongly accused of killing a group of muggles and had to learn to live as a fugitive. He would definitely have some essential survival skills! Although at times he can be a little reckless, having the rational Hermione and Molly on the team would help even it out. This is of course assuming the apocalypse happens pre-book 5. RIP Sirius.



5. Grawp

Grawp is Hagrid’s younger half-brother and he comes from Hagrid’s giant side of the family. While sometimes a little unpredictable, I would definitely want Grawp to protect the group! We all know he loves Hermione, so at least she could help keep him under control 🙂




Who would you have on your team? 


7 thoughts on “Hype or Like Friday#2”

  1. Awesome list! I love that you have so many women on your team, and I completely agree. I would’ve had Hermione for sure, Ginny is awesome, and Molly is one badass mama! I was so undecided on my team I didn’t even write a post. And I loved Sirius. I would’ve liked to have seen more of him. 😦

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